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  • Swiss Liner TOP Sensi Drive
  • Swiss Liner TOP Sensi Drive

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One device - many possibilities!

The new device Swiss Liner TOP sensitive drive provides the highest level of safety, hygienic, optimal results and the best technical progress of the market. Your work will be more pleasant, more beautiful and more accurate. The new Swiss Liner TOP sensi drive stands for consistent precision at the highest level. Through the various options you can choose between several functions. Whether you want to make a permanent make up treatment or a cold treatment with the Cool Spot. With the function PMU you can easily make permanent make up drawings.

We know the structure of the skin is very important. With the "sensi drive" system it is possible to address to various needs quite exactly. The speed of the needle punctures is automatically controlled, penetrating too deeply or tearing the skin is prevented. The device always works in the optimum speed region! The functions can be controlled in 4 steps. - 2 is a nice soft result, however +2 is for intense and expressive contours. You can individually adapted this on your technique and the permanent make up zone. The new, sterile packaged, extra long TOP hygiene modules allow a clean, accurate and fast work. During removal of the module, the needle disappears immediately in the needle bush. The risk of injury with the contaminated needle and the risk of infection (HIV, HBV) is excluded.

The Swiss Liner TOP sensi drive recognizes which module you are currently using and shows you at the display which module is usful for which area. You can choose between 10 different settings. With the function "COOL" it is possible to dock on the COOL SPOT. With this device, you can perform a cold treatment before or after a permanent make up. The temperature can be chosen individually depending on the treatment area.

The new Swiss Liner TOP sensi drive is compatible with lift MESO modules. Through the specially developed modules hyaluronic acid is introduced into the skin. The lift MESO concept makes you look years younger!


• One device - many possibilities

• Permanent make up function

• Cold treatment with COOL SPOT

• Compatible with the lift MESO modules

• Sensi drive setting

• Exact, delicate and precise working with the special TOP modules

• Modules identification system

• Particularly suitable for problem skin in cosmetic and medical areas

• Extra, light handpiece

• Timer function (control treatment)

• Very modern and elegant design

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