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OS Honey I (12ml)

Swiss Color

  • OS Honey I (12ml)
  • OS Honey I (12ml)
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for eyebrows:
The addition of honey and honey II causes softer results for dark brow colors. Depending on the amount of added Honey/Honey II you can downgrade all brows tones until golden blond brow types, until nearly authenticity effects achieved. Honey II has more red warm pigments and is perfect to warm up all eyebrow colors.

for lips: 
Because of the high proportion of gold yellow pigments Honey and Honey II lighten up and give all lip tones a smarter look. The tones can be customized and changed according to the added amount of Honey/Honey II into warmer softer tones.

for areola: 
The base color for almost all Areola types is Honey/Honey II. With the addition of Blush, Sienna and Sepia in small quantities, the color will find the correct characterization. Shadings optimally fit with adding little amounts. It gives the breast areola a natural, almost real look.

Also suitable for Microblading.

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