DERMA SR Purifying Silver Mask (50ml) - W/S

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Gentle cream mask based on clay in combination with high-quality silver to calm impure or sensitive skin. Inflammation foci are soothed and further inflammatory processes are prevented.

With its decongestant effect, the regeneration of the skin is additionally stimulated. Toxins are bound and removed by the white clay contained.

Suitable for impure and acne-prone skin.


  • DMS base as an emulsifier-free creme base with skin-like structure to increase moisture.

  • White clay has a detoxifying, decongesting and soothing effect.

  • Panthenol (highly dosed) as a wound healing promoting agent.

  • Microsilver as a special silver essence against inflammatory processes of the skin, acts anitbacterial.

50ml RSP to clients $115.50

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