DERMA SR Glycolic Exfoliator 20% (50ml) - PRO

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Professional acid for professionals
Peeling based on a 20% glycolic acid, extracted from sugar cane. It safely removes existing cornifications of the skin and is especially recommended for firm skin structures to relax the skin and open it for further treatment.
pH value: 1.6

Suitable for impure skin and skin that looks grey and dull. For sensitive skin types, please always obtain written permission from the customer.

ATTENTION: You need to be trained for these acids, they are only suitable for use by qualified personnel.

For professional use only.


-Glycolic acid - extracted from sugar cane.
-Keratolytic (peeling) properties. Reduces hornification of the skin, dissolves blackheads, reduces impurities and smoothes the skin.


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