DERMA SR Eye Expert Serum (5 x 4ml) - PRO

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Intensive active serum for the eye area. Eye circles, bags under the eyes and dark pigment deposits are counteracted and the skin is given back its lost freshness. Swelling caused by water retention is reduced and fine lines are concealed.

The hyaluronic acid combination contained unfolds its long-term effect and provides lasting high-quality skin care.

Suitable against lachrymal sacs and dark circles around the eyes for radiance of tired eye areas.


Hyaluronic acid combination for protection and care with long-term deep moisturizing effect (cross-linked hyaluronic acid and oligomeric (less than 10,000 Dalton) HA.


-An active ingredient complex of hesperdin methylchalcone,chrysin,N-hydroxysuccinimide and dipeptide VW reduces existing bags under the eyes and dark circles.

-Eyeliss, a peptide as decongestant active ingredient to improve skin elasticity.

- Haloxyl, a peptide as a pigment reducing substance against dark circles and discoloration.


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