DERMA SR Couperose Control Essence (15ml) - W/S

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Special preparation based on high-quality hyaluronic acid combinations for effective moisturizing of the skin.

Intensive serum especially for the improvement of existing symptoms of couperose and rosacea. Especially redness is actively alleviated with this product and the skin appearance is evenly adjusted.

The combination of hyaluron and madecassosiden causes an increased storage of moistue in the skin.

Suitable for couperose or rosacea and reddened skin.


-Hyaluronic acid combination of four different hyaluronic acids, from high to low molecular weight.

-Ambora extract as peptide-inhibiting active ingredient against couperose and reddened skin areas.

-Madecassoside (highly dosed) as wound-healing promoting, collagen-building active ingredient.


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