DERMA SR Blemish Control Serum (5 x 4ml) - PRO

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Intensive serum especially for blemished skin. This product based on oleanolic acid, panthenol and extracts of various medicinal herbs actively combats acne, pustules and blackheads. With its preventive and balancing effect, an even and pure complexion is achieved. Preferably used for impure, oily or mixed skin.

Suitable for impure skin with a tendency to acne.


  • Hispagel (highly dosed) actively binds moisture in the skin.

  • Pentylene glycol as an antibacterial moisturizer, well-tolerated and provides a germ-free environment.

  • AC NET as an active ingredient combination of oleanolic acid and other substances to combat bacteria and normalise sebum production.

  • Panthenol as care substance for the regenerative stimulation of cell division. Herbapurifine as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agent actively combats itching.


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