DERMA SR Anti Pigment Exfoliator (50ml) - PRO

Swiss Color New Zealand

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This keratolytic exfoliator is suitable for the treatment of all skin types and improves the skin's appearance in case of existing, severe pigmentation disorders.
The high-quality lactic acid contained has a cornification-dissolving effect. Due to its mild effect, it is very gentle and at the same time moisturizing. Thanks to high-quality citric acid, the pH value of this cosmetic can be regulated particularly precisely.

The contained glycolic acid reliably removes thickened horny layers of the skin. Thus, the causes of various skin diseases such as acne can be counteracted and superficial pigmentation spots can be removed. This is additionally supported by the contained Diacetine Boldine, a skin-lightening complex.
pH value: 1.6 - 1.8

Suitable for skin that is prone to pigmentation shifts.

ATTENTION: You need to be trained for these acids, they are only suitable for use by qualified personnel!


-Lactic acid (alpha-hydroxy acid) to dissolve cornifications.

-Citric acid to regulate the pH value.

-Glycolic acid for dissolving cornifications, keratolytic (peeling) properties. Reduces hornification of the skin.

-Dissolves blackheads, reduces impurities and smoothes the skin.

-Diacetyl Boldine, innovative active ingredient to combat pigmentation, inhibits the formation of tyrosinase which leads to increased release of melanin

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