DERMA SR Anti Aging Serum (5 x 4ml) - PRO

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Great product for proven firming, tightening and remodelling of the facial contours, as well as for the reduction of existing fine expression lines.

The immediate effect is reflected in a fresher, padded and smoother skin appearance.

The hyaluronic acid combination contained in the product actively moisturises and enhances its effect through the matrixyl it contains.

Suitable for all skin types that expect anti-aging effects.


  • Hyaluronic acid combination for protection and care with long-term deep moisturizing effect (cross-linked hyaluronic acid and oligomeric (less than 10,000 Dalton) HA.

  • Diosgenin and genistein as hormone-like but natural substances from the yam root. Active ingredients for tightening the face and cheek contours.

  • Matrixyl as a tissue-strengthening, collagen-stimulating substance, stimulates collagen synthesis I and III.

  • Argireline and Syn®ake as wrinkle-reducing active ingredient complex, synthetically produced with Botox-like effect.


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