DERMA SR Hair Vitaliser Essence (15ml) - W/S

Swiss Color New Zealand

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Special preparation based on high-quality hyaluronic acid combinations for effective moisturizing of the skin.Intensive preparation especially for thinning and weak hair. Perfectly balanced active ingredients stimulate the hair roots and activate inactive hair follicles.Hair follicles and their growth potential are proven to be supported. The contained pantothene cares for the scalp and promotes wound healing.Hyaluronic acid accelerates cell regeneration and stores moisture.

Suitable for thinning hair or for hair that is loose.


  • Hyaluronic acid combination of four different hyaluronic acids, from high to low molecular weight.
  • Capilia Longa, a turmeric extract, for the activation of inactive hair follicles.
  • Hyaluronic acid combination as moisturizer.
  • Pantothene shows wound healing promoting effects.


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