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DERMA Swiss Rejuvenation (SR)

DERMA SR are Cosmeceuticals, this is a combination of Medical & Cosmetic Product for Skin Care and Facial Treatments.

You can combine this products for classic facial treatments without device application and we recommend them to use for Derma-needling (Micro-needling) treatments. They are also excellent to combine for a radiofrequency treatment.

Our new DERMA SR products are divided into 2 groups, 1 for cabine professional use and 1 for home care use.

All products are free from
-Parabens (suspected of being carcinogenic)
-Paraffines (feel soft but tend to clog the skin over time)
-Mineral oils (consist of petroleum derivatives, also make the skin feel good, suspected of penetrating through the skin)

-Dyes (have no benefit in the skin)
-Silicones (see above for mineral oils, are also extracted from petroleum derivatives)
-Allergenic fragrances (none of the fragrances that are on the list of highly allergic substances)
-Animal testing

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